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Soft Foam and Ball Pits

Jump in and shop our collection of soft foam and ball pits. It’s the ultimate addition to any playroom. Your kids will love playing in the pit or using the blocks for something creative. It’s a multifunctional space that will invigorate them and encourage creativity and excitement as well as physical activity.

Our soft foam and ball pits are the perfect activity for sick days at home, school breaks, or inclement weather. With one of these in the playroom, you’re sure to be the most fun parent around.

They are available in two sizes and several different colors to match the rest of the room. Our foam cubes come in 300 or 500 packs.
Foam Cubes

Foam Cubes

Foam or Ball Pit

Foam or Ball Pit

Foam Triangle - Smart D2 Playrooms

Foam Triangle

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