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Modern Commercial Playroom Design Services

"We are delighted to have Smart d2 Playrooms, put their unique stamp on our kids’ playroom. They were easy to work with, and receptive to our needs, with the result being a multi-zone, functional happy space, that’s both inspirational and magical.

- Jennifer, General Manager at Douglas Elliman for Manhattan House  


Our team of educators and award-winning designers are specially trained in creating custom commercial play spaces. We will meet with your playroom committee and listen to their hopes and goals. We will work together to design an inviting and engaging play space. We design playrooms by thoughtfully considering what activities excite and motivate many children and how best we can design the room to encourage both independent and cooperative play. We understand the importance of color, wall décor , materials and furnishings and our rooms are beautiful and developmentally appropriate and engaging for children.


At the heart of our business, is our thorough understanding of how to create functional organization systems that focus on less toys, but more play. In all of our communal playrooms, we will choose open-ended toys and materials that engage children of all ages and interests. Some of these may be wall boards, and some may be toys organized in bins or baskets. Whatever we decide, our goal is to create a functional, safe, organized space that engages the children in their play.