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Smart Facts

  • General Information
  • Rock Wall Panels and Holds
  • Swings and Ropes
  • Wall Pads
  • Floor Mats and Turf
  • Neon Lights
  • Wall Art
Can I choose different colors for any of the products?
No, we have selected our favorite colors and we do not offer any other colors other than those on the website.
How are the heavy items shipped?
Our rock wall panels, foam pits, foam, wall pads, mats will be delivered from a freight company that the manufacturer recommends. At the time of your purchase, we will find out approximate time of delivery. For the large items, you will need to be home to accept the delivery and may need 2 or more people to help bring in the items, as they will be on heavy shipping carts.
How do I clean the floor mats and wall pads?
All the mats and wall pads can be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner called Mat Attach. We sell this on our website.
Can I receive samples?
At this time, we do not sell or give samples to clients.
Who do I call if I have questions?
Please email us
How long will my order take?
Because all of our orders are custom, please expect items to ship in 2 to 8 weeks form the day of ordering.
Do you offer gift cards?
We do offer gift cards for sale on our website. These are great gifts for birthdays and the holidays.
Do you ship internationally?
Currently, we only ship within the United States.
What happens if I change my mind and want to return something?
All of our products and NOT returnable.
How do I know how many Rock wall panels to order?
We suggest measuring the space and evaluating the walls to confirm placement before you order. Use tape on your walls to see how many panels will fit.
Can the rock panels be trimmed?
Our rock wall panels can not be trimmed to fit the space as the panels are made with a ledger on the back for easy installation.
How do the holds attach to the rock wall panels?
All the holds must be screwed into the panels tightly.
Do I need to purchase the panels and holds from Smart D2 Playrooms?
Our holds and panels fit together perfectly and we do not recommend purchasing the panels or holds form other manufacturers as they may not fit together and be safe.
Do the swings and ropes come with ceiling attachments?
No, our swings and ropes do NOT come with ceiling attachments. You will need to purchase those separately. We advise to consult with a professional as the attachments are dependent on what the ceiling is made of and what is behind the sheetrock.
How are the wall pads installed?
The wall pads can be installed directly into the studs/ supports in your walls. Before you install anything check with a local professional to make sure your walls will support the wall pads.
How do I measure for the mats and turf?
We suggest taping out where you want the mats on your floor to make sure they will fit.
Is neon safe?
Yes, the signs are UL-Certified and conform to ANSI/UL STD 2388 and are certified to CAN/ CSA STD C222No.9
Are the signs for indoors?
Yes, our signs are only to be used indoors.
Are they easy to install?
Our neon signs are lightweight and easy to install. They have predrilled holes for mounting and can be affixed to the wall using a screwdriver and included screws. Hardwiring is not needed and they can plugged into a standard electrical outlet.
What is the sign mounted on?
All of our signs are mounted on high quality clear acrylic.
How do I install my mural?
Are decals removable?
Yes, our decals are removable and can be moved around.
Can I get them in custom sizes/styles?
Yes, you can get decals in custom sizes/styles in our shop.