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Foam Triangle

EDUCATIONAL BENEFIT: Foam and ball pits have therapeutic multi-sensory benefits that provide deep pressure sensation, tactile stimulation and relaxation
4' x 3' x 2'

Our foam or ball pits are perfect for climbing or jumping and letting your kids imaginations run wild. Our foam and ball pits are made with matte 18 count vinyl and are durable and soft for kids of all ages. Note that balls and foam are not included. We do sell foam for fall pits. We do not sell any balls.

Our foam triangle is available in the following size: 4'-0" W x 3'-0" D x 2'-0" H. 

Available in light gray, charcoal gray, white, and purple

Our Foam Triangles are made of polyurethane foam and with a vinyl cover that is fire rated, mildew resistant, rot resistant, UV resistant and is free of lead and phthalates.

Easy to wipe down with any non abrasive cleaner.

All materials used in this product are CPSIA compliant and are made in the U.S.A.