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Hexagon Smart Rock Wall Panel - Blue Camouflage

EDUCATIONAL BENEFIT: Rock climbing increases flexibility, strength, fine and gross motor skills as well as boosting children’s self-esteem and confidence

Smart panels are fairly easy and quick to install. No need to tear down drywall or install plywood - our Smart Panels come with a separate frame/ support that can be screwed into existing wall supports. Then after the support/ frame has been installed, simply screw in our smart panels to the support/frame.  Panels can NOT be trimmed or cut as they are made to fit easily on the wall with matching supports that cannot be altered.

Don't forget our (12) pack of Smart Rock Wall Holds intended to be sold together with our Smart Rock Wall Panels.

Each Hexagon Smart Panel is 4’-1 7/8” W x 3’-7 3/16” H and 2” thick. Each panel weighs approximately 45 Ibs. 

Our Hexagon Smart Panels come in 5 custom designer colors; It’s Not Easy Being Green, Don’t Be Blue, Orange You Glad Didn’t Say Banana, For the Love of White, and Fifty Shades of Gray and one pattern, Blue Camoflauge 

Hexagon Smart Panels are made of engineered wood with a solid wood connector and finished with a light textured coating. In addition to the panel, a wooden support is included in the same shape as the panel. 

Easy to wipe down with any non abrasive cleaner.

Hexagon panels are large and heavy and you will need to be home to accept the delivery of the panels from our warehouse. As soon as they are ready to ship, we will reach to to let you know shipping day and time. 


Shipping Information: Our custom wall panels are shipped from our manufacturer  right to your home! Our panels are heavy and will be on a wooden palette which keeps them safe from harm. Our careful handling and delivery of these items will be shipped at a flat fee of $300.

Please kindly note an individual is required to be home to accept delivery. Please be prepared to receive a phone to set up a delivery day and time once the panels have been made and are ready for delivery. Panels are made per order and currently have a lead time of 6-8 weeks.