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Safe Foam Floor Mat

Our extra thick foam floor mats provide the extra padding needed to make all wall and ceiling activities as safe and fun as possible. Whether you're climbing walls, hanging from our jungle bars, or want an extra layer of protection our floor mats provide the perfect landing zone.
4' x 4' x 4"

In addition to providing a safe landing for climbing and swinging, floor mats encourage a variety of gymnastic/ yoga movements which can increase flexibility, strength, balance and coordination

Our floor mats come in two sizes: 4 feet x 4 feet x 4 inches and 4 feet x 8 feet x 4 inches.

Our Safe Foam Floor Mats come in white, and grey. 

Our Floor Mats are made of high-quality vinyl. The top and bottom are made of 18 oz vinyl with transporting handles on the sides that make our mats light weight, portable, and durable. High density 45 pound compression polyurethane foam. 

Easy to wipe down with our mat attack cleaner.

Our Safe Foam Floor Mats provide shock absorbent cushioning for a picture-perfect landing.