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Smart Play Fitness Carpet for Playroom Flooring

EDUCATIONAL BENEFIT: In addition to providing a safe landing for climbing and swinging, our fitness carpets encourage a variety of gymnastic/ yoga movements which can increase flexibility, strength, balance and coordination
4' x 6'

The perfect way to break up the playroom into different zones while keeping it kid friendly.

Our Smart Play Fitness Carpet comes in two sizes: 4' x 6' and 5' x 10' Mats. The thickness of the carpet is 1 3/8”

Floor Mats come in light gray, purple, and teal

Our Smart Play Fitness Carpet is made from high quality, durable sports foam, with a top layer of soft carpeting.

Easy to wipe down with any non abrasive cleaner.

Our Smart Play Fitness Carpets provide the perfect place to safely allow your children to engage in gymnastics, skipping, running, and other physical play activities.

*The 10' x 10' has Flexi connect