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Our Mission

We are on a mission to change the way kids play

We are teachers. We are designers. We seek to inspire young minds by putting the passion back into play. We believe that the playroom is the third classroom, and can tap into a child’s innate desire to learn important skills and take risks to try new things. Through our research and our understanding of child development and interior design principles, we create products, practices and designs that kids grow into happy, curious, lifelong learners. We know you want the BEST for your kids…well so do we!

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What Makes Smart D2 PlayRooms Different?

Our playrooms are designed by a child development expert who has a Masters Degree in Education and understands how to engage children in all types of play and learning.

Using interior design principles, our award winning designer understands how to implements color, layout, materials and storage to INSPIRE a child’s imagination and the way they play.

Our products have been tested and loved by children of all ages.


Natural Rope without knots, Winky Face Neon Sign, 10 Grey Monkey Bars
Banan Decals, Pack of 12 - 6” x 6”, 10 Monkey Bars - 2 of each color, White Climbing Rope without knots


Welcome to the Jungle
No Parking Zone

Customer Reviews


“I loved working with Smart D2 Playrooms to renovate our communal play space in our building. They have the most amazing vision and talent when it comes to creating
custom spaces that foster children’s happiness and development. They also developed a plan to transform the playroom into several well-defined areas. Our new playroom has
already and will continue to bring our kids so much joy in the years to come.”

11 years

“The BEST part of my new kid gym are the MONKEY BARS! My friends and I love to make
up our own ninja warrior challenges and we are always climbing like monkeys. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!”

Dylan Lauren
Owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar

“We were thrilled to have Smart Playrooms advice in organizing and executing an efficient space that made playing, reading, crafting, and learning together comfortable.”

Leveling the playing field for kids in need

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