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Playroom Floor Mats

Soft Landings are key to any Project Playroom. Shop all our surfaces and find out why parents and kids love them. Our line of playroom floor mats come in a variety of different surfaces so you can select the best one for your home and your kids.

Your kids’ safety is your top priority and ours. Opt for the foam floor and wall mats to create an all-around cushy and safe environment for them while they play.

If nature is more your style, go with our turf mats to bring some greenery inside while still providing your kids with a soft surface that evokes the feeling of running through the grass.

If your house is filled with whimsy, then our ABC mat and smart shapes will help extend that feeling into the playroom while serving functional purposes.

Our assortment of playroom floor mats offers safety and comfort while your kids play the day away.
Safe Foam Floor Mat

Safe Foam Floor Mat

Playroom Gym Mat - Smart D2 Playrooms

Playroom Washable Vinyl Mat

Smart Play Fitness Carpet for Playroom Flooring - Smart D2 Playrooms

Smart Play Fitness Carpet for Playroom Flooring

Wall Pad

Wall Pad

Regular price $400.00
Smart Play Turf - Smart D2 Playrooms

Smart Play Turf

Smart Shapes - Smart D2 Playrooms

Smart Shapes

Regular price $550.00


Regular price $450.00