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About Smart D2 Playrooms

Smart D2 Playrooms is a lifestyle playroom brand that designs high-end residential and commercial playrooms and sells modern educational products.

We believe that the playroom should be an imaginative experience where memories are made.

Our Story


It was an IG LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Karri and Denise both followed each other and adored what each was posting and sharing to their IG families. On a whim, Karri thought a collaboration was in order and reached out to Denise and Smart D2 Playrooms was born. Their first project was the iconic Manhattan House in NYC and the two have been unstoppable ever since.




Karri Bowen-Poole wants to change the way kids play. She believes that the playroom is the third teacher, and she is passionate about including elements that are sensory rich, educational and life changing.

Karri founded Smart Playrooms in 2012, a company that designs and organizes children’s playrooms for families. Her business is based on the philosophy that physical surroundings have a profound impact on children’s behavior and selfconfidence. Her innovative approach (one of those wake up in the middle of the night ideas) was to design the play space from an educator’s viewpoint, which meant customizing each playroom to focus on creative, open-ended, educational play and learning. Her unique approach has drawn attention from clients around the world who appreciate her ability to truly customize a play space to the kid’s interests, needs, talents and strengths. Karri loves to create organization systems that children and parents can easily maintain. She prides herself on being able to evaluate toys and materials as age appropriate and is a firm believe that LESS IS MORE in the playroom. Her kid gym designs (rock wall, monkey bars, slides, swings and more) are perhaps her most popular playroom request, and she prides herself on creating challenging circuits that kids and families love.

Prior to Smart Playrooms, Karri had been teaching and working with children for over 10 years. After receiving a Master’s degree in Education, she worked at private schools throughout the tristate area.



Denise Davies is on a mission. She believes that innovative and thoughtful design can create inspiring and welcoming spaces for families and kids. Denise is known for her bold, playful and original designs where she takes a modern, fresh approach to every project.

Denise’s inspiration and love of color started with her childhood growing up in Miami in a vintage art deco home. Her mother is an artist and always encouraged Denise to think outside of the box and be creative and most importantly an independent thinker.

Denise founded D2 Interieurs in 2010. As an award winning interior designer, she transforms countless homes, commercial spaces, and play spaces. Her work has graced the covers and pages of HGTV Magazines, NYC&G, House Beautiful, CTC&G, Luxe Interiors + Design, Aspire Home + Design, New England Home and many more.

Davies, a proud mama herself, creates playrooms that make a statement by being colorful, personal, and elicit happiness. Every playroom should be designed to be a magical place where kids want to stay and play!