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Kids Indoor Climbing Ropes (without Knot)

EDUCATIONAL BENEFIT: Climbing ropes helps children improve their motor skill planning and coordination skills, as well as their mental and physical focus

Ready to test your skills? Just want to monkey around? With the best material for improving your grip, Our durable climbing ropes are made to be manhandled. Our ropes do NOT come with hardware to attach to ceiling. 

Available in 7" or 10" ropes that are 1.5" thick

Our custom climbing ropes come in natural, white, teal or black.

Our climbing ropes are made of either‚ "grade a" natural manila (for our natural color) or poly dacron (for our white and black color options)

Natural manilla is absorbent, extremely durable, and is what most ropes are traditionally made of.

Poly Dacron is moisture resistant with a strong, lightweight polypropylene core. It is soft and durable.

Easy to wipe down with any non abrasive cleaner.

All climbing ropes come with the option to be ordered with or without knots. Ropes without knots are more challenging. Each rope includes a steel eye clamp for easy installation. Indoor climbing ropes come with general installation instructions. Any climbing activity require proper spotting and and supervsion.

Remember to also purchase our ceiling attachment to hang your rope!