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Playroom Washable Vinyl Mat

EDUCATIONAL BENEFIT: In addition to providing a safe landing for climbing and swinging, floor mats encourage a variety of gymnastic/ yoga movements which can increase flexibility, strength, balance and coordination
5' x 10'
Light Gray

Whether you're climbing walls, hanging from our jungle bars, or want an extra layer of protection our floor mats provide the perfect landing zone.

Our floor mats come in 5'x10' and 10'x10.' The 10' by 10' mat connects with Flexi CONNECT, which is a patented system which eliminates the need for mat tape and keeps the time required for set up and breakdown to a minimum, leaving ample time to play.  NOTE: 10' X 10" mat consists of two sections measuring 5' wide x 10" long with builtin hook and loop connection.

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Floor Mats come in white and light gray. 

Our Floor Mats are made of 28 ounce high-quality vinyl. Made in the USA. Same mats as used in the Summer 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Easy to wipe down with our mat attack cleaner.

Our Floor Mats provide shock absorbent cushioning for a picture-perfect landing. They are light weight, portable, and durable.