Smart Rock Wall Holds - Assorted Colors

EDUCATIONAL BENEFIT: Rock climbing increases flexibility, strength, fine and gross motor skills as well as boosting children's self-esteem and confidence

Are your kids climbing the walls? Our Smart Holds are specifically designed to work with our Smart Panels. Please note these holds cannot be screwed directly into a wall made of sheetrock or plywood. They provide hours of fun and come in custom colors curated by us. Each set comes with (12) holds made for (1) panel. Smart Panels sold separately. 

1 pack of 12 Assorted Bolt-On Smart Holds. Each hold is 4"-6" wide/high and recommended for kids ages 3 and above. These are made to go with our Smart Panels.

Our color designer pack comes with assorted color and shapes. Rest easy knowing our designers are putting together the perfect bundle for you.

Smart holds are made of super strong, light weight polyurethane and have a comfortable grip-able texture and feel.

Easy to wipe down with any non abrasive cleaner.

Our Smart Holds are designed for children with grips designed for beginners. Each pack includes bolts for assembling. We recommend each Smart Panel to fit 9-12 Smart holds for maximum fun and color. So each pack of 12 will fit 1 Smart Panels.